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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anna Sheffield

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Bing Bang has long been one of my favourite designers after spotting it in New York (in Barney's I think). I only recently discovered that one of the founders, Anna Sheffield started her own fine jewellery line which is equally beautiful. What attracted me to Bing Bang was it's lovely quirkiness but also the almost sentimental keepsake quality to each of its pieces. This is continued throught Anna's collection in which she has achieved an edgy feel, using traditonal materials but in unconventional settings.

Just take a peek at these pieces from her upcoming collection...her interpretation of diamonds is fantastic...who could resist diamonds on a diamond?!

And this inverted ring is fabulous...such a clever idea
Find Anna's work here
(also for everyone in the UK, she's soon to be stocked through Selfridges)

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Modelizer said...

I love bing bang, I discovered the funky little pieces in 2005 during a shoot. Judging from your blog over all, you have seriously fabulous taste in jewelry.

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